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Tech News: Drying Waterbase Inks & Coatings

Narrow Web Infrared Dryer
Infrared-Air Dyer Speeds Drying Of Waterbase & Other Types Of Inks Applied By Flexo & Inkjet Printers
Narrow Web Infrared Dryers
Narrow Web Dryers
SlimLine IR Dryer - Mail Printing
Provides high efficiency state-of-the-art radiant electric infrared drying for inkjet direct mail printers
SlimLine LP Low Profile IR Dryer
SlimLine LP Low Profile IR Dryer
Radiant-Air™ Air Dryer
Radiant Air Infrared Dryer Recommended For Flexographic & Gravure Printers & Coating Machines For Efficient & Fast drying Of Waterbase Inks & Webs From 20” to 90” Wide
Rad- Air 6f™ Infrared Dryer
Rad- Air 6f™ Infrared Dryer

DRI Infrared Drying & Heating Equipment
Highly Recommended To Dry WaterBase Inks & Coatings On Paper, Film & Foil Substrates Ideal For Web Printing And Converting, etc. Specifically Designed To Dry WaterBase Flexographic, Digital & Inkjet Inks & Coatings
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DRI Infrared Drying and Heating Equipment -
Specifically Designed For Flexographic, Digital & Inkjet Printing
Efficient Drying Printing, Coatings Or Pre-Heating And Are Designed And Manufactured In The USA Since 1979.
Not Made In China

DRI offers an extensive line of infrared dryers, infrared heaters and infrared curing systems was developed to meet virtually every printing and converting need. At DRI, we are the experts in drying waterbase inks and coatings.

Using our uniquely designed infrared heaters and infrared dryers, your press speeds will increase along with your quality levels. At DRI, we will custom-design infrared heating and infrared drying equipment to meet your particular heating or drying need. DRI offers the most efficient line of AMERICAN MADE infrared heating and infrared drying equipment to meet the changing needs of the worldwide market.

From concept to completion, our qualified team of professionals will design and build drying systems to meet your specific needs, within your personal budget. We do whatever it takes to meet the needs of you our customers, so you can efficiently and effectively meet the needs of yours. For additional information about sizes and pricing contact DRI, LLC (570) 698-0625 or e-mail:

SlimLine Infrared Dryers

Attention Inkjet Printers

Mini Radiant Air Infrared Dryer
DRI Infrared Heaters and Infrared Dryers
DRI Infrared Drying and Heating Equipment
Environmentally Friendly Infrared Drying - "We Are Not Just Full Of Hot Air"
DRI’s electric infrared heaters are an environmentally friendly, responsible choice. Our clean electric heaters do not produce environmentally hazardous by-products, or add any other variables to the process. Greenhouse gasses (produced by some infrared sources) are defined as- water, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons. Infrared energy is absorbed by these gasses which reduces the energy to your product, so why would you want your IR emitter to produce them."

With recent government “Green” initiatives and mandates to reduce carbon footprints, using or switching to DRI’s Electric IR instead of petroleum-base fueled heaters is the ideal choice to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions and utilize a clean, high efficiency heat source. You can further reduce your carbon footprint
by purchasing electric power blocks from clean power technologies. Contact your local utility for
more information. Read more about DRI’s GREEN/HIGH EFFICIENCY HEATING & DRYING

Experienced Designers Of Custom Infrared Heaters, Infrared Dryers, Infraround Heaters & Web Dryers

At DRI, Inc. we pride ourselves in providing the best possible Infrared Dryers, Infrared Heaters, Oven Dryers, Web Drying Systems and more! Just a few of DRI 's Infrared Heating and Drying products are listed below. We invite you to look around our site at our many different solutions. If you need to contact DRI, Inc., please Click Here.

Our Solutions - Quality Infrared Dryers & Heaters For Fast Efficient Drying & Heating
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Bullet Arrow Radiant-Air Infrared Dryers Bullet Arrow Series FH Infrared Heaters
Bullet Arrow Narrow Web Dryers Bullet Arrow Series FS Infrared Heaters
Bullet Arrow Direct Mail Infrared Dryers Bullet Arrow Series CB Infrared Heaters
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